"Tevar" - Bollywood Movie 2015 Review.

Ghanshyam boy's name and the name of the girl Radhika and both live in Brajbhumi is bound to love them. Amit Sharma's film 'Tevar' in 2003, is a remake of Telugu film 'Okkadhu'. Agra-Mathura Pushtbhumi seems to be expedient to their story. Is an strongmen. A girl enters in his heart the Rose Garden. He does Propoj. The girl refuses. And drama is launched. Between the coercion of a strong man, a dude comes from Agra named Pintu (Ghanshyam). Then begins athletic, beatings, shootings and knife and fencing. And even Doylagbaji. Entertainment spices have been used familiar in hindi films. This time the new thing that the Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha are coming. They have to compete with Manoj Bajpai. To express love with his Tevar. Producer: Sanjay Kapoor & Boney Kapoor Major Artist: Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpai. Director: Amit Sharma Ravindranath Composer: Sajid-Wajid, There is no novelity as the content in the movies. Still Amit Rabindranath Sharma's presentation is interesting. curiosity persists because of the newcomers. Amit plays the command and responsibility well. They Gatee Arjun dancing, fun, risks, fearless spirit hit villain and show heroine in love. It is believed that if the audience like to take an actor with these gestures, so he becomes popular. 'Posturing' Tevar,Arjun kapoor is the intention of setting up as a popular hero. Obviously fo this it should also require a strong villain. This need has been completed by Manoj Bajpai. Heroine is beautiful and dance champion. Inopportune moment she sings songs with the hero . Villains is enchanted by their dance Premasikt. Overall, the 'Tevar' meets the criteria of pure masala movies. The audience will enjoy it all. 'Posturing' director Amit Rabindranath Sharma has give the chance to Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha ,to do something new within the framework of the traditional spice film. Arjun Kapoor are emerging as credible actor-star. He described itself fan of Salman Khan in the movie . To be fair, the presence of Manoj Bajpai has given a new dimension to the film. They bringing the film out of the beaten atmosphere by their condolences. Vile roles is not necessary that you shout loudly or make your stature terror. There is a desi touch in Tevar. as it affects different reason on the remake of South made other films. The story seems to be of North India. Artists whose clarity of pronunciation in dialogue delivery. The theater itself has more than four artist. A look at the Subrata Dutta is characterized in Tevar. They influence the given role. Mahendra Mewati are effective in even the smallest role. Similarly, Raj Babbar has also seen in its experienced role. This time they were in the character of their land. The film misses music style and ritual sounds of Braj. Some songs are so inconsistent and unnecessary. And finally, the film 'Tevar' of Hindi cinema is a kind of genre film, in which the identity hidden to slap Gulal on the cheek. Yet, Amit Sharma draws the attention closely. -