Movie Review - The length becomes occlusion, but in the case of dance hits 'ABCD-2'

Remo D'Souza direction of the film 'ABCD 2' is released in theaters.Vishnu (Prabhudeva) as a teacher teaches dance for boys and girls living in poor homes, and they become world champions in the dance reality show, the movie story ABCD 2 is based on this theme. However, you will not find much new on the name of the story, but in the case of dance film will overtake your grasp. If you have seen "ABCD" and thinking that this sequel will see, that the old film Magic will be seen in this film. So you may be disappointed. Direction The dance-based film is directed by Remo D'Souza. He is one of the famous choreographers of B-Town,that's why various dance styles can be expect to see from the film for the audience. In 2013 Romo's prequel movie 'ABCD' was get good response. In furtherance of this episode he made ABCD 2 . Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor are starcast in the film. But because of long-term (about two and a half hours) it seems boring after a while. However, its 3D effects are great. Story The film's story is based on Mumbai's tiny town Nalasopara dance group, who want to wash the stigma on their cupboards. Suresh (Varun Dhawan), Vinny (Shraddha Kapoor) and Dance Teacher (Prabhudeva) together with her group work very hard and reached to the Las Vegas to become a part of the World Hip Hop Dance Championships. Will their dream be? will they spread the banner of India abroad? Knowing this, you have to stand cinema. Acting Varun Dhawan, an excellent dancer, Proof of that they have already given in their earlier films. But the film's surprise packet of course Shraddha Kapoor, who will surprise you by showing tremendous dance.