Sonu Nigam hit back at Twitter trolls

After Sonu Nigam's tweet on Azaan sparked an outrage on the social media platform. The Bollywood singer was bashed and abused by many Twitter user for his balant tweets on the issue,who thought his tweets were derogatory. Sonu Nigam lashed them with his tweet: Your stand exposes your own IQ. On Monday, in a series of tweets, Sonu Nigam bemoaned about the "forced religiousness" in the country. While, not being a Muslim, he is forced to lose his sleep due to morning Azaan. He wrote in another tweet that this is "gundagardi". He also added that there were no electricity during the time of Mohammed, so why he should suffer all this cacophony. He further added, he doesn't believe in any temple or gurudwara using louspeaker. As his tweets went viral, reactions to his tweets started overflowing from all over India. Some supporting the Kal ho na ho-famed singer, while some bashing him on communal grounds.
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