Adnan Sami to write his autobiography

Popular Bollywood singer Adnan Sami is looking to make films on his life, but before that, he is planning to write his autobiography. The singer spills the beans in an interview recently. Adnan Sami said, “ I want to write my autobiography first and then would like to film based on that because there has been lots of ups and downs in my life. Due to these ups and downs, I think there is lots of masala in my life.” The singer is not in a hurry for film, as he thinks there are still lots of things to achieve in his life. The singer says that he’ll make movie after sometimes, not right now. When asked about who would play Adnan in the movie, he said that he has not thought about that as of now. Adnan Sami is an Indian singer, musician and pianist, who have given multiple chartbusters throughout his career. The singer is known for his piano skills and is the fastest keyboard player in the world. Popular news portal The Times of India has called him “Sultan of Music”. The singer is currently working on a new project, which would be musical. According to the singer, it is a very special project as it would be his first project as an Indian citizen. Adnan Sami had requested an Indian Citizenship on 26th May 2015 to the Home Ministry of India, when his Pakistani passport was expired and was not renewed by the government of Pakistan. The home ministry of India awarded him Indian citizenship effective as of 1st January 2016.
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