Can this advice of Akshay Kumar make trouble for Salman Khan and his relation

It never happened when people heard about that Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan ever have any dispute but this advice of Akshay Kumar can make trouble in Salman and his relation. Actually Akshay has shared a video on Instagram which is showing that he is trying to give advice Salman Khan through this video. Salman Khan these days is shooting for his upcoming movie Sultan in Muzzafarnagar, UP. Recently a picture of Salman Khan got viral during the shooting of the film in which he is driving a 70's scooter, during this time he has not wore helmet. He is driving the scooter without any safety. May be this behavior of Salman Khan doesn't like by Akshay Kumar. Salman Khan bhai on scooter Akshay Kumar is in discussions for his upcoming movie Housefull 3 and recently he shared a video on social media, in which a man is driving the scooter with five kids. With this Akshay worte : Always rooting for HOUSEFULL but never Scooterfull! Please don't ride this way that too without a helmet. Akshay has instructed everybody for road safety but looks like that he is targeting Salman Khan. Is Akshay is trying to compete with Salman Khan.