Salman did not apologize infront of National Women Commission

Salman Khan has given his answer to National Women Commission on the statement of Rape Women. Commission chairperson Lalita Kumar confirmed the talks for getting the answer. She said, 'It seems like Salman has yet no apologize'. Apart from this Salman did not even present infront on Maharashtra Women Commission. Let me tell you, Salman Khan said in an interview that during the shooting of Sultan, after lifting a wrestler, he felt like a raped women. After that he was everywhere criticized. National Women Commission also gave notice to Salman Khan. Today actor has had to present infront of the commission. However, Salman Khan did not went there, but gave his answer through his lawyer. President of Maharashtra Women Commission Vijaya Rahatkar said, 'Hearing on Salman Khan's statement is going on his our office. A letter was sent in behave of Salman Khan on 28, it was written that hearing on this case in going on in National Women commission, so double hearing should not be done. But we want to tell them that we both have power. Here also hearing can go on, there is no fact in their pleding. MWC has ordered Salman Khan to present in the office along with his Lawyer on 7th July. During the interview, Salman was asked how he went fighting with wrestlers in the arena, on this Salman said, ‘it was difficult for me to fight in the ring, one day we had to shoot for regular 6 hours, this was not easy for me, because I had to dumb a wrestler of 120 kgs in 10 different angles. I was also dumb many times on the ground, During this real fight also got started with a smile. When I came out of the ring, I thought that I’m such women, who is raped. I was not able to walk straight, then I ate something and went for training.’ After his statement on raped women, he said, 'I shouldn't have done that, he took pause of a second and continued the interview forward.