Salman Khan will launch a Being Human E-cycle

Salman Khan likes bicycles a lot in his personal life and now he is going to launch Being Human's E-Cycle. According to the reports, it was Salman Khan's idea and he had made the whole team prepared for it. Now the cycle is ready to launch and its trail also has been happened. This cycle will be thin and will be in the cool look of a new generation. According to reports, Salman Khan wants to spread his love to his fans through this bicycle. This is also being told that in the star screen awards Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan made an entry on Being Human's e-cycle. This cycle will be automatic and battery running. Other than this there will be 5 different models, in one model if you hit the first pedal then the second pedal will automatically happen. Like the same in other cycles, the number of automatic pedals will be more. In the fifth model, there will be automatic pedals. The cycle will be for different age groups, as because Salman wanted to make a thing which can be useful for every age group. Recently there had a photoshoot for it. Earlier Salman Khan also has given a birthday surprise to his fans by launching his own app BeingInTouch. The fans can be connected with fans through this app and you also can download it free from Google Play store. You can get many details related to Salman Khan through that app.