Ranbir Kapoor bought a flat in Mumbai, which price will shock you?

Finally Ranbir Kapoor has bought a new home in Mumbai. Ranbir Kapoor has bought a flat in Mumbai Parli Hills at the seventh floor and the special thing is that when you will get the price of the flat it may shock you. Actually Ranbir Kapoor has paid 1 lakh 42 thousands per square feet for this flat which became final in recent days. Ranbir Kapoor has paid 35 crores for this flat, however the amount is not big for Ranbir Kapoor. The special thing about the flat is that this 12th floor flat is very close to Ranbir Kapoor's ancestral bungalow Kapoor's Krishna Raj. This is to notice earlier Ranbir was living with ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif but after the break up he left the flat and shift to his parents flat. Now it looks like that he will move to new flat in Parli Hill. This is to notice that Ranbir Kapoor these are being very busy in shooting of upcoming film Jagga Jasoos alongside ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif. The flat new become more interesting after know that Ranbir Kapoor's last movies have not performed well in the theaters and despite this he bought a flat in Mumbai.