Sunny Leone has done one night stand in her past

Sunny Leone who has become Bollywood sensational after being a adult star at a time is in the news for her upcoming movie One Night Stand. Sunny has given many bold scenes in the film and she also revealed if you are consent then there is no problem in one night stand. The film is all about a situation of a girl after doing one night stand with a man and how he starts put finger on her character. Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani have given many bold scenes in the film and Jasmine D'souza is making her directorial debut through this film. She says that because the subject is very bold that's why we have prepared it in keeping women in mind. While asking Sunny Leone about that she ever have done a one night stand so she said, when I was single then I have done one night stand and I think many single people do sex in their consent and their is nothing wrong in this. However in future she has declined and said, now I have husband who loves me very much. With this Sunny also said that Jasmine has done very hard work to make this film and I think whoever will watch movie will get to know what Jasmine wants to say.