Salman Khan on his 50th Birthday will do a big announcement about his relationship

There are lots of talk going on between Salman Khan and her Romanian Girlfriend Lulia Vantur. But Salman has still not commented anything about it. But this time it is heard that, Salman will do a big announcement regarding Lulia Vantur on his 50th Birthday. According to the source, Salman on his 50th Birthday will announce that Lulia is his girlfriend. Salman Khan's Birthday is on 27 December. This is also heard that Salman Khan might get married to Lulia vantur in 2016 January. According to a news website, Salman Khan will celebrate his Birthday in his farmhouse situated in Panvel. That day he will introduce Lulia as his girlfriend to his guest. After getting free from Hit and Run case, he has decided to get married. There was a news few days back that Salman got engaged to Lulia Vantur. Ring was also seen in Lulia's finger, However Salman Khan's sister told it as a rumour.