Salman Khan refuses to cast Fawad Khan

There was news from long that Fawad Khan will be part of Salman Khan's next film. This film will be made under Salman Khan production house. This film will be directed by Nitin Kakkar. The shooting of the film will start next year. But now the news is coming that Fawad will not be part of this film. Nitin said in an interview that he has signed Fawad Khan for this film. He does not deny this thing that news of Fawad in his film has come. He has also read such news, but he has not signed Fawad. Nitin said, 'It seems like anyone would have spread this new in a happy mood. We are not making the film with any Pakistan actor. Well, Nitin said last year that he can start shooting with Fawad Khan next year. He is signed for this film. Right now we are searching for an actress for this film.' Now Nitin has changed his statement. When Nitin was asked that is this decision taken over banning Pakistani artists by MNS. Then he said, no artist is from any religion or Country. They are like pigeons who takes peace message from one border to another. If you will ban cricket, Music, or films, then last chance to get peace will also get finished. Well according to the news, Fawad Khan after 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil', he will be shooting film 'Raat Baaki' with Katrina kaif. You may also know : Salman Khan Upcoming Movies Fawad Khan Upcoming movies