Salman can even return from Mars on his own!!!

This month Hollywood movie "The Martian" is a blockbuster. In this movie actor Matt Damon has been an astronaut, who gets stuck in Mars and then he with the help of NASA returns back to his home. This is the story of the movie. Now imagine if Salman Khan would replace Matt Damon and it would have been a Bollywood movie? You do not have to think a lot as "AIB" has already imagined about this and has released an interesting poster in this regard, which is getting viral on social media at a fast pace. This poster of Salman Khan has been made keeping in mind the poster of Matt Demon of the movie "The Martian". This poster has been made considering if this science fiction movie was made in Bollywood and how the poster would look like. In this poster Salman Khan has been taken as the actor and has been written that he do not require NASA to return to earth. He has the power to come back on his own. This can be seen from the movie "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" where he has taken the girl Munni from India to Pakistan. In the way way, he like a wind can go to Mars and come back from there as well. Also it has been written in a fun way that "Let NASA go to hell". Salman Khan Upcoming Movies