Salman-Aishwarya's love story that was left halfway

Salman-Aishwarya's love story is one of the unforgettable love stories of Bollywood. It is the story of a love of a person who could do anything for love and he because of his own mistakes lost the beautiful relationship. We are telling you the story of these actors that was left half way. Salman and Aishwarya' love story started in the year 1997, when Salman had already turned into a superstar. On the other hand Aish had won the title of Miss World and had entered Bollywood. It was the time when Salman's heart used to best for Somi Ali. The he met Aishwarya and he left Somi and started liking Aish. Giving interview to a website, Somi has said that bcause of Aishwarya her and Salman's relation was broken. She left India after that. According to sources, Salman had even left the film of Mansoor Ali as in that movie he had to play the role of Aishwarya's brother. It said that Salman had took over the responsibility to take care of the career of Aishwarya and he used to even as the producers for it. It is because of him Aish got the movie "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam". In the shooting of the movie both came close to each other and in this movie their great chemistry was seen. Aishwarya then slowly started getting involved in the personal life of Salman and gets to meet his family and friends as well. Let us tell you that the friends of Salman used to call her "Bhabhi". According to reports of a magazine. Aish's parents was not ready for their relationship and because of this she started living alone. The a time came when their relationship gets spoiled. One day mid night, Salman went to the door of Aishwarya and started beating the door strongly. He then challenged to jump from 19th floor of the building. His hands also got injured while knocking the door strongly. Finally at 6 in the morning she opened the door. The reason behind all this anger of Salman is said that, he wanted to marry Aishwarys while she was still climbing the ladder of success and wanted sometime. Salman has himself committed this in an interview that he went to her house. The it was news that Aishwarya's father had registered complaint against Salman and because of all these things he faced a lot of insult. Then slowly-slowly distance came in their relationship. In the midst of all this, Somi had called Salman that her father is getting operated and he should help her. Salman went to America without telling anyone. When Aish got to know about this she was quite angry and she decided to split. It was also said that Salman has created a lot of buzz in the set of Kuch Na Kaho, in which Aish was there. The hero of the movie Abhishek says that Salman has even damaged his car. Then in the year 2002 Aish went in an award function with fracture in her hand and then it was rumors that Salman has misbehaved with her. She told that when she used to pick up Salman's phone call, he used to fight with her. Finally their love story came to an end in a sad way. Salman Khan Upcoming Movies