Rakhi Sawant Gets Into A Trouble Again

Every time Rakhi Sawant’s name comes in news it has to be something to do with a controversy or a trouble she got into. And this time again she is back in the news as a court in Ludhiana has cancelled the bail granted to the actress, and has issued a fresh warrant against her.

Rakhi is facing a case due to alleged objectionable remarks she passed against sage Valmiki last year on a TV show following which a complaint was filed against her with the Ludhiana police.

The actress then submitted an apology to the Valmiki Community for her remarks but they didn’t acknowledge it and took the issue to the court. The court then issued a non-bailable warrant against and asked her to appear in court before 7th of July.

Then on 7th of July Rakhi was granted a bail by the court when she appeared in the court a day before the hearing to surrender. She entered the court wearing a burkha to avoid being recognised.

But the bail for Rakhi was cancelled the very next day when she skipped being present before the court on Friday the 8th of July when the actual preceding was to be done.

When Rakhi was asked to give her take on the matter she said, "I went to the court and I was tortured there. A group of people were loudly using abusive language for me and no one was there to stop them. I don’t understand that why the court granted bail when it had to issue the warrant against me again." She also said, "I don't want to go to Ludhiana. Why can't they pass the case to Mumbai court? Where is women security?”

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