Nation Has Chosen Modi with majority, We Need to Support Him: Shah Rukh Khan

After a year of gathering severe criticism over his ‘intolerance’ remark made last year, recently Shahrukh Khan said he had no issues with any political parties including the ruling party BJP and added that Narendra Modi, as people’s choice as the Prime Minister of India, deserves support from all. Shah Rukh’s intolerance remark was released at an entertainment event held in November last year. His statement over intolerance stated that there was nothing worse than this. He further added that this would take India to the Dark Ages. His remarks received severe criticism from the BJP who turned it down as a mere politically biased one favouring the opposition party Indian National Congress. Moving away from his earlier stand, now he admits all political parties his friends. His new statement came while speaking at "Aap Ki Adalat", a TV show aired on India TV. The nation has chosen him as the leader and we need to support him for moving the nation forward, he stated. He further stated that his duty as an entertainer is not to make comments and that making comments is the duty of the politicians. He admitted that he have friends belonging to political parties but he does not belong to any particular political party. The "intolerance" controversy was taken out of context, the ‘Fan’ star added. While having a Hindu wife and three children following three different religions, Shah Rukh Khan said he could never make any comment on intolerance. My father was a young freedom fighter, he concluded.