Mallika's Show Off: can not find work, were travelling without fixed purpose in public by Lamborghini

Even B-Town Mallika Sherawat Drama Queen may not be taken aware by a single film but they are known to live in limelight. Her last released film 'Dirty Politics' When did come and gone, it does not know anyone. few days ago Mallika had seemed dazzles on the cannes red carpet. Mallika recently on his Twitter account has posted a video of 6 seconds, which comes to seen to show off her carlooks like a child. White color of the Lamborghini Aventador SV Gresfuli sits on the driving seat of the car Mallika says good-bye to someone in the video are visible. Please tell, Mallika himself did not bought the Lamborghini car, but she did it by a mystery man Bileted on Valentine's gift. However, Mallika always remain silent on matters related to their personal life. Their TV reality show "Mere Khayalo Ki Mallika" winner Vijay Singh has been added her name. But a few days later the two paths were separated.