Shahid Kapoor wedding invitations are on the phone, also called stepfather

Shahid Kapoor are preparing on getting married next month . He prepared Guestlist and before send cards they are invited to all on call. In Shahid guests Rajesh Thakkar his stepfather and his wife Vandana Szzani also included. Shahid's mother Neelima Azim after separating from Pankaj Kapoor was married to Rajesh. When his second son Ishan Thakkar was of seven, when Rajesh was leaning towards Vandana. However, the whole family is involved in the preparations for the wedding of Shahid. Vandana said, "Rajesh are early involve in the marriage . They are in constant contact with Shahid. It's a big day for our family and we are all involved in it." Rajesh explains, "Shahid, had given the work from the venue to the menu to all concerned people. Guests just have to be mentally ready and Atand marriage. Shahid is inviting every guest by calling.