Jurassic World Becomes The Third Highest Grossing Film.

In the history of movies anyway 'Jurassic' series had own a notch, but its latest film is quite different finished. The news that the films in the history of film has emerged as the third most successful film. Yes, in the world in terms of the highest grossing films of "Avatar" and "Titanic" , "Jurassic World" is one name. Dinosaur thriller has crossed the figure of $ 1.52 billion dollar. This year of the five major films has been one in this film. Year 2015 saw the release of any film in the international did not cross a billion. "Jurassic World" will be released in Japan on August five. The US and China are seen as major market anyway. "Jurassic World" is visible on top. 'Titanic' 2.18 billion dollar and 'Avatar' 2.79 billion dollar is standing behind the figure. The film was released in India on June 11.