Salman Khan go through hair transplant, is this a indication for marriage?

Salman has undergo hair transplant this thing is not hide from anyone. News is that Salman has again undergo hair transplant. Somewhere Salman is not preparing for marriage to girlfriend Lulia Vantur? These days the rumor of Salman's marriage are making news everywhere. This is to saying that Salman can do marriage till the end of this year. According to the reports Salman has undergo hair transplant in his farmhouse. According to the news Salman recently came to his Panvell farmhouse and for hair transplant a doctor from Dubai came here. The doctor has done his work and now Salman will follow the guidelines given by the doctor. This is to saying that doctor has instructed to Salman Khan that he can't go outside and he has to live in only air condition because sweat can destroy the operation. Salman Khan first time did hair transplant in 2003, then he had to do in 2012 and now he again has undergo hair transplant. Salman Khan Upcoming Movies