Ajay Devgan Wants To Do Serious Movies.

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan who achieved a different position would like to do serious films. He explains the difficulty of finding it. Ajay says, "People often ask me, Why I do not made films like Jakhm or Aunkara again? The problem is that such scripts did not find routinely. Seven-eight years after the story (Drishyam) got so I immediately consented. " Serious films to commercial cinema, he said on the question of leave for a few days, both in the cinema is important to keep the balance. According to Ajay their good movie is that whose script is the best, better director will be more vital role. He said that his next film is 'Shivayay' which is based on business but better script. Ajay engage in the promotion of Drisyam.