Immigration Department kept Shahrukh Khan for 2.5 hours, know all the details

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was again detained at American Airport. He faced long session of enquiry and then was left, but the way he was troubled and what all troubles he faced, that he very sad. After this incident, country is angry. But now America has apologised to Shahrukh Khan and said that it will not happen next time. Come lets know, what all happened with him. Shahrukh Khan with his whole family get down at Los Angeles Airport, When Shahrukh Khan gave his passport to Immigration, then he asked him to tell his name, then that Immigration department officer called a police officer and told him that his name is Shahrukh Khan. According to the source, With Shahrukh Khan's name, warning alert was flash in the computer, because of which he was taken to a room for interrogation. Shahrukh Khan's other family member were sitting in another room. Till 2.5 hours Immigration department interrogated with Shahrukh Khan. During this few friends of Shahrukh khan gave this information on Indian Embassy, but American Immigration Department continued asking him question. Their phones were even taken form them. Talks between Indian Officers and American officers were going on during this. When American Immigration department was completely satisfied, then they asked him to leave. Shahrukh Khan's family reach Los Angeles from Dubai in Emirates EK 215 and was too tired. During this Shahrukh Khan's family was even given food in other room. When Immigration department released Shahrukh Khan, then it took around an hour to get out from the airport, Then he came outside with his family and went to his hotel. Shahrukh Khan gave all the information about what all happened with him on twitter. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2016