You won't believe, what all things Honey Singh's friend did, when he was suffering from Bipolar Disorder

Few days back only Yo Yo Honey Singh talked about his disease. He told us that he was suffering from Bipolar Disorder. This is related with mind and with happens after many changes in Depression and Mood. So that's why he took a long break from the industry at the peak of his career. During this difficult phase, it was Honey Singh's childhood friend Bobby Suri who stood by him like a pillar. As soon as Bobby got to know about this he left his good business in Australia and came back to India for his friend. Bobby is popular business man in Australia. Bobby has not just taken care of Honey Singh for almost 18 months, but also took care of his family in these difficult times. in this disease the person going through it cannot face a lot of people. It was not even easy for Bobby to handle him. When Honey Singh came out of this problem, then also Bobby was with him, as an advisor, he is advising him on things and handling his work. Bobby said, 'Honey himself is the best friend a person can have, Then I thought, when my friend is struggling with such problem during his stardom then I should be with him.'