Shahid Kapoor's sister Sanah Kapoor got engaged to Manoj Pahwa's son

Shahid Kapoor's sister Sanah Kapoor is now soon going to marry. The news is that Sanah has got engaged and soon she is going to marry. Sanah has chosen Mayank Pahwa as her soulmate, Mayank is a son of actor Manoj Pahwa. Although Sanah is a daughter of Pankaj Kapur and Supriya Pathak but she is very close to Shahid Kapoor. Sanah even made debut in Bollywood with Shahid's film Shaandaar. In the film Shaandaar, Sanah Kapoor played the role of bride and the whole story of the film revolves around her destination wedding. In the film, Alia Bhatt played her sister, Pankaj Kapur played the father, and Shahid was a wedding planner in the film. The Kapoor family has not revealed it, but according to the reports Sanah and Mayank have engaged and soon they are going to marry. Shahid Kapoor got trolled on twitter Actor Manoj Pahwa and Pankaj Kapur are very good friends and they know each other from the time when they used to work together in hit television show Office Office. Manoj Pahwa even worked in Pankaj Kapur directorial flick Mausam. Manoj Pahwa is also very close to friend actor Om Puri who passed away on 6th January. Rangoon trailer out That's why Manoj didn't make announcements of the engagement. But Om Puri's second wife Nandita revealed it by talking about Om Puri's death. Nandita said that time we were going to Pankaj Kapur's daughter's engagement, Om called me but till we reached there, he was already here. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club