Fans got uncontrolled on the sets of Imtiaz Ali's film for Shahrukh Khan

In the whole world, Shahrukh Khan goes anywhere his fans always follows him. In that case, if Shahrukh Khan is shooting in the local area like Bandra in Mumbai and that too openly then you can't imagine of it. The same happened on Thursday when fans got uncontrolled to meet their superstar in that area. Actually, Shahrukh Khan was shooting his film Rehnuma in Bandra area of Mumbai Rehnuma is the same film of Imtiaz Ali which earlier was calling as The Ring. In this film, Anushka Sharma is also playing leading lady. However, yesterday Shahrukh Khan came lonely to shoot the film. The news of the shooting spread like a fire in Bandra and as soon as lots of people collected there to watch Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh However, the makers already have arranged the security arrangements but despite that, it was very difficult to control the public there. The situation got over uncontrolled when Shahrukh Khan came out from the shooting for his home in a black jacket and blue jeans. To get a glimpse of the star the fans were being uncontrolled and they were the edge of breaking the security. Shah Bhai Then Shahrukh Khan welcomed everyone by waving his hand and then Shahrukh sat in his car for his home. After this police took some time to control the situation. Normally Shahrukh always does the shooting of his film in overseas or film studios. But sometimes when had to shoot in India then the things get uncontrolled.