Ranveer met the Grand Daughter of Asha Bhosle

Recently Ranveer Singh got new Fan. This is no one else but the Grand Daughter of Asha Bhosle 'Janai Bhosle. Asha Bhosle said Thank you to Ranveer Singh. Reason was Ranveer's meeting with Janai. After this Jainai was extremely happy. On this Asha Bhosle worte, 'My Grand daughter Janai is admiring you obstetrician. You are good artist and Human being. Thanks. Your's Asha.' Ranveer accepted this and wrote, 'Asha ji she is very lovely girl, she is beautiful as well as Talented. She is like her Grand mother. I am really happy to meer her.' Janai Bhosle is going to release her Album.