Another activist targeted Kapil Sharma over mangroves in his house

After BMC taking bribe from Kapil Sharma, this issue is getting raised up. Now Kapil Sharma is only seen getting trapped in it. One RTI activist Asad Patel filed a complaint and said that he has destroyed the trees of Mangroves. MNS general secretary Shalini Thackeray on Friday alleged Kapil Sharma by illegal construction in his bungalow and to remove Mangroves. MNS says that soon they will present an evidence against Kapil Sharma. Shalini said, 'Devendra Fadnaves should not support Kapil Sharma. We will soon collect the evidence that how he broke all the rules of Municipal co-operation. Kapil is a liar. 'Whereas one local activist also came in front, which claims that Kapil Sharma has destroyed the mangroves near his house. It is told that Kapil illegally constructed second floor of Andheri Office. To stop this, BMC gave notice to on 16th July. Even after the notice, it kept on going. On 4th August, BMC broke the structure. Construction more that 19 ft here is illegal.Now after a month, Kapil is allegedly BMC for taking bribe with me, for that he need to present some evidence, if he has said a lie, then socially apologise to BMC, If he did not do so, We will stop the shooting of his show, 'Said by MNS politicians Amay Khopkar'. Here, congress has got a chance to pull legs of BJP. Congress Spokesperson Sandeep Singh Surjewala has told BMS as 'Corrupted Municipal Corporation. Seeing the issue, she tweets, I just voiced my concern on the corruption I faced with certain individuals. Its No blame on any political party be it BJP, MNS or ShivSena.'