This is how Priyanka Chopra trolled a reporter? Watch Video

Fame of Bollywood’s hot diva Priyanka Chopra has crossed seas and mountains. Now stepping into Hollywood, she has also positioned herself far ahead to her counterparts. Her remarkable achievements truly make people ‘jealous’. Does that mean her friend Deepika Padukone is jealous of her? This was what a reporter really wanted to know. Priyanka Chopra was asked by a reporter whether Deepika Padukone is still on the race to achieve the feat PC has achieved. Reporter was mentioning Deepika’s attempt to step into Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra replied, without losing calm and cool, that this question should have been asked to Deepika and not to her. She also made it clear that Deepika is still her good friend and that they have not parted with each other. “We are as we were, we are still good friends. We have never parted,” added Priyanka. She requested the reporter to change his mentality and said there are no issues between the two. Her response was received with a louder applause by the listeners. She also expressed her vision to have more Indian actors and actresses to get chances in Global entertainment where she is currently representing India. She said she would be happy to see more Indians getting chances in the global entertainment world and become more successful than me. This would make me happier, concluded Priyanka.