Happy Birthday R.D Burman !

It is a very special day for Music Lover. Today R.D Burman or Pancham Da was born. Search Engine Google has made R.D Burman Doodle. Apart from Music director, Pancham Da has also given his voice in many films. He has also acted in many films. R.D Burman got music from his father Sachin Dev Burman. R.D Burman was mostly called as Pancham Da. There is a story behind this. Actually, When R.D Burman used to sing in his childhood, then mostly he uses P word. This thing came in Ashok Kumar's mind. In Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Pa comes on 5th number, so he kept his name Pancham. Slowly and gradually, he got famous with this name. R.D Burman learned music from Ali Akbar Khan and Samata Prasad. He used to also consider Salil Chaudhary as his guru. He also worked with his father. Pancham Da first wife name was Rita Patel, Rita was Pancham Da's fan. Rita challenged her friends that she will go a movie date with Rahil Dev Burman. In 1966, they both got married and in 1971, they both got separated. Then Asha Bhosle came in his life. In 1980, R.D married Asha Bhosle. Asha sung his amazing songs with R.D only. There was a time when Burman was alleged for copying the music, Pancham Da fans got upset with this. He sometimes did all this because of Filmmakers pressure. He many time also got inspired. It is told that music of these songs 'Tumse Mil ke, Mehbooba Mehbooba, Zindagi Mil Ke Bitayenge, Dilbar Mere were made after getting inspired. Burman gave music in 331 films, in which 292 are in Hindi, Burman was nominated in Filmfare 17 times, but he only won the awards 3 times.