People thought that I can't do acting : Lisa Haydon

Model turned actress Lisa Haydon says as an actress before Queen she has to fight with the people mentality that she can't act. Lisa in an recent interview said, People thought that I can't do acting and I got the chance in Queen to prove it that I not only a model, I also can do acting. She said, I believe in the term big opportunity. I have played small role in Aisha but Queen is like my first film and people start believing in me after this film. Met me tell you that Lisa made her acting debut through the film Aisha and she made her charm as actor in film Queen as playing single mother lives in Paris. Talking about the competition in film industry she said, I don't feel if any film is for me that means it will meet me. I know what I do no one can do. I don't believe in competition and everyone has their own opportunity. Lisa is being very busy these days in the promotions of her upcoming film Housefull 3 which is set to release on 3rd June 2016.