Bharti Malhotra speaks on dating rumors with Ranbir Kapoor

From a few days back there were the news that Ranbir Kapoor is dating Dilliwali girlfriend but now the news is that she is noting rather she not even a fan of Ranbir Kapoor. On thrashing the reports of dating Ranbir Kapoor west Delhi model and make up artist Bharti Malhotra said, I am not even a fan of Ranbir Kapoor and after facing this situation my whole week was spent in tension. He even though a good actor but as a fan I reject him and never followed him. Online dating with Ranbir Bharti said, I am not understanding how I clarify this incident. This is very necessary for me to make clear all the confusion about these rumors. Last week a friend of mine asked me that I am dating Ranbir Kapoor. Like every other girl I have no connection with Ranbir Kapoor and Bollywood. I felt like somebody is making fun of me then I realize that news channel has given me the tag of Ranbir Kapoor's Delhi based girlfriend. After this I read all details about me on internet so I got shocked. Earlier there were the news that Ranbir has captured with a new mystery girl but after seeing I got to know that media is showing my Facebook profile photos. I don't have an idea from where it starts and without contacting me how it got increased. Then I called some websites to remove the news and said that I am not dating Ranbir kapoor after this some websites removed the news but some included masala in the news. I don't know how I stop them, everyone is talking about this topic but I have became trouble of it. According to the news Riddhima Kapoor sister of Ranbir Kapoor made Ranbir meeting with Bharti in a party in Delhi. In this Bharti said, I never met Ranbir Kapoor's sister, as I said I don't know who is making these rumors. My friends and Family knows that I never met Ranbir's sister so meeting is far talk. People are asking when I met Ranbir Kapoor and I am telling everybody that I never ever have met Ranbir Kapoor. Giving answers of these questions looks like unsightly. Some people says that you should be happy that you got a chance to come in lime light. However this is stressful for me because people are calling me and my family for knowing the queries. Bharti said, I am in relationship with my boyfriend Pratik Choudhary and that time I was with him in Jaipur. I am dating him from a long three years and our family knows about it and soon we are going to engage. We also have photos together of Jaipur in this how can I be in Morocco with Ranbir Kapoor. My boyfriend is supportive but these stories are making trouble for our families. I am a normal girl whose personal life is affecting through these gossips. My photos are being use and my life is openly discussing.