Om Puri injured during shooting in Bhopal

Bollywood actor Om Puri got injured during shooting. After that he was taken to Hospital. Soon Om Puri will go through a minor operation. Om Puri said, 'I was shooting in Bhopal. During the shooting my leg got slipped and fell on concrete floor. So I my elbow is badly injured, So i have to go through a operation. My elbow will take 10 days to recover. Om Puri did not revealed the name of the film and said, 'This film is based on India, Pakistan and London. Film's producer-director is from Dubai. This is a story of two friends, in which one is from India and another one is from Pakistan. This is a amazing story.' Recently, Om Puri gave his voice to Bagira in 'The Jungle Book'. Here he also told this that shooting of his first Pakistani movie will end in January, which name is 'Actor In Law'.