Team of Nagarjun - Ek Yoddha celebrated their 100 episodes

Show 'Nagarjuna -Ek Yoddha dha' which comes on channel Life Ok has completed it's 100 episodes. So the whole team of the show celebrated on the set. The cake was cut, the party was organized, everyone enjoyed a lot. You can all see all the stars enjoying in the photo and are seen in the good mood. nag-2 Seeing it will be interesting that how much this show will be loved by the audience. Well, writer of the show Akash Khurana always tries to do something new. Now let's see how will they be able to connect to the audiences. nag-3 The show has as amazing star cast like pooja Banerjee, Chetan Hansraj, Manish Bathwa, Kishori Rahane and Shruti Ulfat, who are part of this amazing project. Producer of the show Yash Patnaik are the founder of Beyond Dreams and have produced shows like Veera, Mai Na Bhulungi, Junoon and Sadda Haq. nag-4 Ayushman Malhotra who is playing the role of Arjun Shastri is a power of this show. Mahabharat Kaal in the show is interesting for the audience because many secrets of Arjun are revealed. nag-5 Niketan Dheer is loved by the audience in different and unique Anti-hero. The traditional show requires a lot of research and planning. Whole show team is working hard to show the maximum things authentic. nag-6 In the character of Neeru, Pooja Banerjee is seen perfectly fit. Let me tell you, Pooja has also taken part in Swimming at National level from Maharashtra. You may also know : Bigg Boss 10 contestants list Upcoming movies List