Come lets take you to the journey of 1st day of Bigg Boss 10

From the first day itself, Drama has started in Bigg Boss 10. Many things happened on the 1st day, Baba revelation about himself, Fights between Priyanka and Bani. Apart from this Owner and Servant concept also happened. First Bigg Boss played a big game on the first day. Celebrities are made house's sevak (servant) and common people are made as Owner of the house. 10 rules are even formed for the owners and the servants, in which Owner can anytime add a rule. The first day of Bigg Boss was started from a fight. Bani and Priyanka had a fight over some topic. Actually, Priyanka asked Bani her age, but she ignored her. Over this, they had an argument. Later they hugged each other. The most entertaining part of the show is Swami Om Ji. Swami made a revelation about himself that kids cry after birth but he started speaking after his birth. On this Manveer and Naveen Prakash pulled Swami Ji's leg. Four people are nominated on the first day. ON this also Bigg Boss made a new rule, that Servants will only nominate owners and owners will only nominate servants. Contestants who are nominated are Rahul Dev, Mona lisa, Manoj Punjabi and Priyanka. Salman Khan is hosting this show, it is said that Deepika Padukone will be seen as a guest in this show. She will come her to promote here first Hollywood film 'XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage'. You may also know : Did Salman made fun of Sanjay Leela on Bigg Boss 10 Upcoming movies List