Movie Review : Hindi Medium – A Movie Everyone Can Relate To

Name of Movie Hindi Medium
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Saket Chaudhary
Star cast Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar
Genre Romantic Comedy Film
Duration 2 hours 13 Minutes
Date Released 19 May 2017
Plot - The story of the movie is about Mita (aka Mithu and Honey) played by Saba Qamar and Raj Batra played by Irrfan Khan. And the main subject of the movie for which the couple goes to extremes is the admission of their beloved daughter in a good English Medium School. The couple who initially lived in Chandni Chowk moves to high society posh area of Delhi for the sake of admission of their daughter. They change their lifestyle and living standards just to score a seat in a good school. But all this doesn’t work in their favor and her name doesn’t appear in any schools list. Next, they are seen going extremely opposite to what they did earlier and they go poor, move to a poor settlement to score a seat in school through economic weaker section quota. Review - The subject of the movie 'Hindi Medium' is indeed relevant in our present society’s scenario as it shows how the language divides us. The people talking in English are considered elite whereas people who speak our mother tongue Hindi are considered uncool. The Movie ‘Hindi Medium’ is a perfect combination of a strong storyline, an interesting social topic to ponder and brilliant comedy timing. It questions is education system openly where people struggle to understand that it is not the school's name that matters but the education given at those schools that shape their kids future. ‘Hindi Medium’ Dialogue Promos Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Direction –The Direction of the movie is done by Saket Chaudhary and he had a very clear vision of what exactly he wants to put across through his work. The story is woven just perfect with hilarious moments to tear dropping moments. The characters of the movie have understood the requirement of the director and that makes the execution of the movie brilliant and it successfully makes it a point which everyone in our country will relate to. Music – The Music of the movie is a mix of the energetic, romantic and motivational songs. The movie has four tracks all well placed and gives the perfect backdrop to the story. The movie has two old Punjabi numbers ‘Tenu Suit Suit Karda’ a number of Guru Randhawa and Arjun and ‘ Ishq Tera Tadpave’ by Sukhbir. Apart from it Atif Aslam’s ‘Hoor’ is a soulful romantic number and the song ‘Ek Jindari’ with interesting orchestra music sung by Tavishi Sanghi and kids in chorus is a motivational number that brings a big smile on your face ‘Hindi Medium’ Trailer Why To Watch – The movie has all the ingredients of being a good Hindi movie. But we suggest you go and watch it to experience Irrfan Khan’s cool dude swag, Saba Qamar’s gorgeous looks and fabulous acting, Deepak Dobriyal’s comedy timing and emotional scenes that bring tears to your eyes. And of course for the brilliant story behind the subject that touches our life at some or the other point. You May Also Like Irrfan Khan Upcoming Movies Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List