Mallika Sherawat was attacked by three masked men in Paris outside her apartment

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat was attacked outside her Paris apartment by some masked men and her spray of tear gas was used on her face. In this attack, Mallika Sherawat and her friend were not injured a lot but Mallika is in shock. The attack was done on 11 November. Chala Dum Video song Dirty Politics This news was given by a Foreign Paper. Mallika was attacked at the same place where a few days back actress Kim Kardashian was robbed. According to the news, this happened nearly during 9:30 at night, when Mallika was going back to her apartment with her BF Cyrille Auxenfans. While getting inside the apartment, three people attacked her, everyone's face was hidden with the mark, before attacking Mallika and her friends, they used tear gas spray, later they ran away from there. Later Mallika and her friends gave all this information to the police, but they have not got the reason why they were attacked. On Thursday she even shared a video on twitter, which is of her Taj Mahal Visit. It is said that Mallika Sherawat was attacked in the same place, where a few days back, American Tv actress Kim Kardashian was robbed on the tip of a gun. Now these attacks on Celeb in France is a big issue. Mallika Sherawat upcoming movies Mallika last movie in Bollywood was Dirty Politics. This film was the flop at the box office. Now she will be seen on a Chinese Adventure film 'Time Raiders'. This film is directed by Danial Lee. Mallika will be seen in the guest role who plays the sorceress in the film. You may also like :- Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club