Despite of not doing any Bollywood film, this actress has won 18 International Awards

'Kuch Aisa Likho Ki Ek Ameena Ke Bikane Ke Baad Kabhi Koi Aur Ameena Na Bike'. Well, this is the dialogue of a feature film 'Yaha Ameena Bikti Hai' but strong hold on this dialogue of Lead Indian actor Rekha Rana and her film has been entered in next year 89th oscar Award. This film of Rekha Rana is sent from Cameron to the Oscars. Well, this film of Rekha is in Hindi, but this film is not sent from India to Oscar, but it is sent from Cameron. Rekha is an actor, theater artist as well as a Social Activist. Because of her film 'Tara', she has got 18 International Awards. Nearly 8 years ago she was linked to Entertainment world. She is from Delhi, but now she stays in Mumbai Or USA for work. She is a Brand Ambassador for a South African NGO. Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston can be seen together performing at Emmy Awards Rekha who came on a personal visit to Chandigarh told, Project that I have done now that film is sent to film festival from another country. Because of them, I have become famous in the world. Till now, Bollywood has not recognized my talent. So I have not been part of any Big banner Bollywood film. It's not like that I haven't been offered any film, film that I got, it's script was not of that level. Searching for some good films today also. Ajay Devgan makes fun of Popular awards during his film promotion On getting linked with Films, Rekha said, However, I was fro Business background. but I always wanted to be an independent Women. Entertainment Industry helped me to make my different personality. I got linked to this industry in the year 2007. First from the theater and then feature film. After that Social service and now the music video. I believe in the philosophy of Giving back to the society. So I'm part of Save Our Women Camp in Delhi. In this organization, John Abraham motivates men. Even I'm the supporter of Special Children Cricket League by United Nations. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List