Like this Chetan Bhagat pulled Arjun Kapoor's leg

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is seen acting in the film based on the novel of Chetan Bhagat '2 States : The Story of My Marriage'. In this Alia Bhatt was seen opposite Arjun Kapoor in this film. Many bold scenes were filmed in the film. Recently, Chetan Bhagat said over this that it is not right to write kiss scenes in his book and Arjun to do this is Filmy Avatar. Arjun now is working in the film which is also based on the novel of Chetan Bhagat 'Half Girlfriend'. Bhagat said, 'Arjun has done two funs because of me. First is he has never stayed in United Nations, Bill Gate Foundation, St. Stephen, or IIM. But my book and film's character are from St.Stephen, who later joins United Nation. In '2 States' he was a student of IIM. He said, 'Second is all kiss scenes were written by me, but he got the chance to do it. Is this not unfair? I saw 6 takes were taken for one scene. What is this? I have suggested him that I can show you that how to do this. But they did not give me permission.' Conversion of author's many books is done. He told all his thoughts in Talk show 'Ne Filter Neha' of Neha Dhupia. He talked in Hindi. Shraddha Kapoor will be seen opposite Arjun in 'Half Girlfriend'. This film is releasing on 18th May 2017. It is directed by Mohit Suri. Now let's see how will this movie be. You may also know:  Half Girlfriend shooting at Goregaon Railway Station Bollywood Movies 2016