I have never forced my views on anyone else: Sonam

Sonam Kapoor has given her open view on the meat ban after which she had to face a lot of controversy. Now she is explaining her part. There was a huge rage on the meat ban in Maharashtra for two days. Sonam Kapoor has opposed this ban and has expressed her opinion and had said that it is some small portion of people who act on such things. She after this wrote that this behavior cannot be tolerated. After this a lot of things were written against her. Does this affect Sonam? She tells that she used to think that why people think about her like this? Then she got to know that half of the people are those who are supporting her, that means she is not wrong. Sonam so I'd that she used the word " Misogynist" and she knows the meaning of it. Every one were against it so she apologized for it. Sonam was even criticized for having two opinions. On this she says that she supports PETA and this has nothing to do with it. For example I do not eat beef but if guests will ask then she will not stop them either. We do have the right to control other person's choice. She added that if people do not understand her than what can she do. She said that all she wants to say is that I do not force my opinion on others. Everyone have their own choice. Sonam said that she always stands for the wrong be it meat ban, porn ban or any other thing. It is our personal right that what we do. No one can question any other person's choice. Sonam Kapoor Upcoming Movies