Sonakshi Sinha's car got damaged because of Construction in Rohit Shetty's building

Rohit Shetty is famous for flying cars in his movies. Action sequence of his film doesn't get complete without car chase and stunts. Now it seems like Rohit Shetty has become the foe of cars in real life also and because of him, Sonakshi Sinha's car has got damaged. According to the reports, Rohit has bought a whole building in posh area Juhu and he is making it as his residence. Rohit's building is near Shatrughan Sinha's bungalow. According to news, when the renovation of Rohit Shetty's building was in process, one cement slab was fallen on Sonakshi's car and her car got damage, when he got to know that building is of Rohit Shetty, then Sonakshi did not do anything. As Rohit is director of 100 crores and his movies can change the destiny of any heroine. Because of Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi and Rohit's relation are nice. A lot of money is spent on car stunts in Rohit films 'Golmaal series' and other movies and Audience even love it. Now let's see, how will Rohit pay to the damages of Sonakshi's car. Talking about Sonakshi, last she was seen in the film 'Akira'. This movie was not able to impress the audience. A.R Murugadoss Directed this film. Sonakshi next movie is 'Noor'. These days Rohit Shetty is making 4th part of Golmaal series. Ajay Devgn will be seen in the lead role. Heroine of the film is still not confirmed. It is expected to release next year. You may also know : Sonakshi Sinha upcoming movies Box office collection 2016