Like Bahubali, "Puli" is also set for a grand release

South movies are now being liked all across the country. That is why the producers and directors of South are getting more alert on this. These days Sridevi's movie "Puli" is in news.The producers of movie wants to have a grand release just like Bahubali and wants to get a single release on the box office. So chances are that no movies should release on 2nd October in Northern India. Sridevi's husband has taken the Hindi rights of the movie and wants it to release in Dushera. When the Hindi version of the movie is getting a great popularity so even the release date is also getting changed. By this film Sridevi is also making her comeback after three years. She had worked in English Vinglish before this. There are several other hit factors that make Puli famous. Like the hero of the movie Vijay is popularly known as Salman Khan. Vijay is also one of the names that takes interest in Hindi movies. Shruti Hasan and Hansika Motwani are also the part of the movie. The making of 50 crore has made it even more popular. The movie cannot be released on 2 October as on the same day Akshay Kumar's Singh Is Bling and Meghna's Talvar is releasing on that day. In this way there will be less theaters for Puli and Boney Kapoor does want to get lesser theaters for the movie. Although there has been news that he has planned to sell the TV rights of the movie in 10 crore. TV channels buy the Northern dubbed movies in 1-4 crore. If there has been talks of 10 crore than it is a big news for Puli.