Talvar Movie Review - Irrfan Khan

Movie Review : Seven years ago, near Noida, not so far for the nation’s capital city, a twin murders case sent shock waves across the nation. The murder is believed to be one of its kind cases so far recorder in the nation. The prime investigative agency CBI, after couple of close examinations failed to arrive at a conclusion. What’s wondering is that among the four prime accused, two are believed to be dead by now and the rest are either absconding or the investigative agencies and police are not able to establish a motive behind the twin murders. Vishal Bhardwaj, who is a trend setter director in the Bollywood and is known to create films out of such sensitive issues is back again with the film Talvar based on this story. Prior to the start of making this film, director Meghna Gulzar, and her research team left no stone unturned and looked into every detail of the case with an magnified eye. Not only did they study all the reports pertaining to these twin murders, but also went to Noida in person to study the case in detail. This shows the flair for film making by Meghna Gulzar. From the start to the end of film making, not even once did the direction team or the research team hover outside the content of the script. They stayed stuck to the script throughout. Director Meghna is praised all through for the brave climax that she portrayed in the movie. It is said over and again that not even the investigative agencies were able to establish such a conclusion what the director depicted in the movie. Even after the local police conducted an investigation drive, the CBI in its final report failed to establish the motive behind and able to produce culprits. The film was able to create a vibe around it prior to the release itself. To its master making, the film was shortlisted for 40th Tornoto film festival. Meghna, the director was able to have a professional independence while making the movie and the characters and names of few others were changed on the call of director. Story: Ramesh Tandon (Neeraj Kabi) and Nuthana Tandon (Konkona Sen Sharma) were residing in Sameer Apartments in Noida. Both are doctors. After their daughter, a 14 year old, Shruthi Tandon (Ayesha Parveen) was murdered, the local police arrive at the apartments and embark on to investigate the case. The local police inspector Dhani Ram (Gajraj Rao) who was busy with the photographer taking photos of the corpse from all the possible angles to unearth the murder mystery was unaware of the fact that in Tandon’s home, a domestic help was also murdered. The police in a hurry to wrap up the case since they are facing a scorn embarrassment from them media, arrested Doctor Tandon, Shruthi’s father as accused and sent him to jail. After this episode, the CBI takes up the case and hands over to Ashwin Kumar (Irfan Khan). Aswin Kumar after a detailed examination of the case, concludes that the accused – Doctor Tandon – is guiltless. However, CBI chief isn’t satisfied and orders for an enquiry again. As the enquiry goes on for the second time, Ashwin Kumar’s life is also well potrayed and Tabu played as Rema Kumar, as Ashwin’s spouse in the movie. Acting: Neeraj Kabi who played as father to Shruthi, the deceased in the movie, acted peerless and muster all the critical acclaim for everyone. A father who is accused of guilty, his powerlessness but a stern attitude for righteousness was beautifully portrayed by him. Konkana Sen Sharma who acted as the doctor’s wife, was equally good performing as a mother. As the investigation team’s head, Irfan khan in the role of Ashwin kumar proved again that he can master any character and give the best. Though Tabu who played as Irfan’s wife, screen presence was less, she did justice to her role. Gajraj Rao as UP’s inspector did to his best in the film. Direction: Director Meghna Gulzar gave her 100 per cent for the movie. She did her homework well before the movie went onto sets. She along with her research time did everything what the film wants and made thing fell in place and went on to be forerunners in giving out a master piece by Talwar movie. The surrealistic director clamor of Meghna is discussed even after the two hours duration of the movie along with story, its shades. Megha proved out to be the best director of recent times with this film. Music: The director and the producer of the film knew before hand that there would be no scope for songs in the movie. So they were cautious to provide apt back ground music when required. If you are a cinema lover and love to watch good scripts, this movie is should not be a miss. The twin murders that shook entire nation, which forms base of the film’s story was beautifully shown and any citizen of the nation who wants such murders to stop, should watch the film and render their shoulder of support.