Lets know some 58 interesting facts about Bahubali

'Bahubali' second part will release in 2016, this was announced by the film director S.S Rajamauli when Bahubali was released. This film did tremendous earning at the box office and it even effected the business of Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Film is Hindi version earned more than 100 crores. This was the first ever film of South India that earned so much amount. Katappa ne Bahubali Ko Kyon Mara? This was the most important question of 2015. It's second part is going to release in 2016, still the month has not be decided, but this film will effect the box office collection of many Bollywood films. However, this year all stars of Bollywood are set to come on the screens. So, Box office of Bahubali-2 is not less than any war, when Bollywood's many stars film are clashing. Just think, what will happen if Bahubali-2 got released on the same date? There are some 58 interesting facts about Bahubali, which are very interesting : 1-Shots of the film are taken by Arri Alexa XT camera. 2-This film took 3 years to get completed. In which 380 days shooting was done. 3-This one the most costly film of the Indian cinema, which broke the record of Rajnikant. 4-This film went to Guinness Book of World Records because of the Biggest poster. 5- Budget of this film was 250 crores. 6-Principle Photoghaphy was started in Rock Garden of Kurnul from July 2013. 7-This film was made in Tamil and Telegu and then it was dubbed in many languages. 8-Karan Johar also worked with Rajamauli. Dharma Production gave Hindi Rights to Bahubali. 9-Sound track and background music of this film was composed by National award winner M.M Kiyavani. 10-Prabhas did not do any other film in this period of 3 years. 11-This film earned 230 crores in 5 days at the box office. 12- Prabhas extended his marriage dates for this movie. 13-To shoot the fight scene of 20 minutes it took 4 months . 14-The set of the film was 45 feet long. 15-More than 800 award achiever technician worked in this film. 16-Tralier of Bahubali was seen by 6.9 millions people on the youtube. 17-1.8 millions people saw the trailer of Bahubali on Facebook. 18-This film was released on more than 4000 screens. In which Bahubali was released in 135 screens in America. 19-Rajamauli shot the waterfall scene in 109 days. 20-Bhallaldev statue was 125 feet long and its weight was 8000 Kgs. Almost 200 sculptors were required to make the statue. The statue was erected with the help of the 4 cranes. 21-The time period of the film was 5 hours, so it was divided in two parts, one got released in 2015 and other will release in 2016. 22-To shoot the fight scene more than 2000 junior artist were called. 23-Rana told media that he eats 10 times a day, by which he gained 25.30 Kgs. 24-4500 computer graphis and Visual effected were burned in the film. 25-Prabhas and Rana learned Marshal Art and weapon training for 6 months. 26-Prabhas gained his weight for his character. 27-Prabhas Body building equipments worth 1.5 crores. 28-Incredible Hulk editor Vinsent Tabaillon edited the Bahubali. 29-Bahubali have more than 1 lakhs followers on Twitter. 30-Anushka Sheety is only one actress who has worked with director Rajamauli. 31-No film of Rajamauli has flopped till now. 32-For the good quality this film was shoot in the ratio 16:9. 33-For Bahubali, 17 VFX Studio and 600 artist did double shift. 34-This film also faced some problem, because Jain religion opposed the name of the film because Bahubali means Mother in their religion.35-Before the release of the film BBC joined it in 100 years of Documentaries of Indian Cinema. 36-Prabhas and Rana ate 2000-4000 calories food to increase their weight. 37-Advance booking of the film started in many states of the country. 38-This film has 2000 elephants and stuntmen were also used. 39-Bahubali and Jurassic World was the part of one special effect team. 40-85 crores were spend on visual effects. 41-Producers gave Prabhas 20 crores and made Prabhas the most earning actor of Tollywood. 42-Prabhas everyday ate 40 eggs to increase his weight for this film. 43-New language was invented in this film which was called Kilikili. This has 750 words and 40 grammatical rules. 44-This is the first Indian Film which has it's musium like Hollywood Films which has things used in the film like weapons,cloths etc. 45-Prabhas took training of climbing mountains. 46-In this film 20000 weapons were designed. 47-In this film 5000 VFX shoots are used. 48-this film took 733 days to get completed till it's release. 49-Almost 15000 sketched were used for pre-production. 50-To shoot the war scene, 110 acres land was used. 51-To shoot the film 20 acres corn farm were cut. 52- Six different Gadaon was desighed for Rana war scenes. 53-This film was played in 15 reels. 54-Shoot was done for 12 days just to make it stand of Bhallaldev Statues. 55-This is the first telegu film, which was released in four different languages. 56-Rana gained 32 kgs weight for this film. 57-Bahubali was the first Indian Film to give competition to Hollywood films in visual effects. 58-Whole country is waiting for it's second part. This is India's most biggest motion film.