How Kangana Ranaut was shipped back to World War II era for “Rangoon”

A period drama film is one of the toughest movies when it comes to the pre-production tasks. The makers of this kind of movies have to match everything like costumes, styling, and set. Basically, the makers transport everyone to a particular time period for this kind of movie. Styling and costumes play very important part in this kind of films. Rangoon is a romantic thriller film set in World War II era. Dolly Ahluwalia, who is the woman behind the costumes of the movie Rangoon talked about the challenge faced while working on this movie that is set in the 40s. Talking about the film She says, “I was scared because it is challenging to handle such a huge subject. But at the same time, without sounding arrogant, I would say that challenges excite me and so, it was a lot of fun working on Rangoon.” Three times national award winners Dolly has previously worked with the director in Omkara, Kaminey, and Haider. The designer has done extensive research for this movie. She took inspiration from the magazines from Delhi and Mumbai along with few books of World War II era. Rangoon trailer out The character of Kangana Ranaut is based on the yesteryear actress. Dolly used lots of floral prints, velvets and other fabrics used way back in the 40s. Then, she mixed everything to bring Kangana’s character to life. According to Dolly, there were 40 costumes used for Kangana in this film. First look posters of Rangoon According to the acclaimed designer, dressing Shahid Kapoor’s character was bit easy. The character of Shahid Kapoor was supposed to be a Sikh that would wear Turban and all, but later Vishal said that his character will be mostly in army uniform. Saif Ali Khan has shown his wardrobe to Dolly, which proved pretty useful in dressing his character. The actor has a huge collection of clothes, watches, and boots from that era from his great grandfather’s days. There were almost 30 costumes for Saif in this movie. The actor also helped her in proving detail info about the clothes of that era. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club