Box Office : Not every film of the 100 crore club is good

In the list of actresses that does not belong the film background and has still made a great place for themselves, then the name of Huma Qureshi is on the top. Soon many of her films are about to release and this is a special conversation that was done with her: Your choices for films seems that you like to do real life characters and wants to stay away from the virtual one? Yes this is right. I do not want to do the roles that are too common. But wants to be a part of the commercial cinema. I want to play the best characters ever. The good thing is that there are too many experiments going on in our industry. It has been seen that many of the movies are included in the 100 crore club, which are of big budget. But your movies are still away from it? It has not been a long time in the industry. I am sure that soon I will get to do a movie that would be a part of the 100 crore club. Although all the movies that are in the 100 crore club are good that is not sure. Even the low budget movies also do well. You role in Badlapur was bold, but you were seen less on the screen? Every role has its importance. I role was of a prostitute. So it has to be bold. It was a dark film. What do you want to say about Malayalam films? What was the problem with language? The mane of the film is "White". The shooting was done in Kerala. It is totally new language but it was interesting to do the work. Are you playing the role of Jwala Gutta in the movie "Azhar"? I will not say anything about this. The shooting of this is going on. I am not supposed to talk anything about it. In the movie of Gurinder Chadha "The Viceroy's House you have a lead role? Yes I am doing his movie. It talks about the time of partition. I am in the role of Fatima in it. It is a story of Mumbai underworld.