See when Mallika Sherawat pray to god in sexiest way

People have seen Mallika Sherawat in very bold look many time and she has played bold characters many time in films. But Recently Mallika Sehrawat poster a picture on Instagram which is purely a different incarnation of Maliika Sherawat and  nobody have seen this image of Maliika Sherawat before. Actually this time Mallika posted a different image of her life. Mallika poster a picture in which she wrote : Divine blessings and prayer for all and with this Mallika tagged lord Buddha. Mallika In last days Mallika Sherawat has shared a video with pop singer Bruno Marsh from the time of backstage. In which Bruno  was acting like James Bond and Mallika was praising him and said that she feel Bruno is a lovely person. However Now you see how Mallika is looking in prayer.