Emraan told Amitabh Bachchan as Real Superhero

Amitabh Bachchan recently wrote an inspiring note to Emraan Hashmi's son. For this Emraan thanks Big B. Emraan has told Big B as superhero. Emraan Hasmi recently released a book 'Kiss Of Life'. In this he has told his son struggle while suffering with Cancer. This book tell about all those problems that Emraan, his wife and Son had faced. Ayaan has cancer in 2014, when he was of 4 years. Before this Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal told Aayan as Real Hero, now Amitabh has written a note. This letter was shared by Eamraan Hashmi on the twitter. Emraan tweets, 'Thankyou Senior Bachchan fot the letter. Ayaan aspired to be Batman. And Batman aspires to be you. You are the Superhero!.' On this Amitabh Bahchan worte, 'Ayaan is a unique child. God Bless him and make him healthy.'