Vidya Balan's open letter to all the girls and the victim of Child abuse

Child sexual abuse is a very sensitive issue. Figures tell that this disgusting thing is happening to every 2nd or 3rd girl by any means. It has been tried to understand the psychology in the recent released film 'Kahaani 2' that how Child sexual abuse affects the thinking of that child and her upbringing. Film's actress Vidya Balan wrote a letter regarding this issue and we are sharing in below : Lovely Friends, Childhood is a beautiful memory in everyone's life. The seed that we have sown that time, it effects last our whole life. Somebody touches my film's 'Kahaani' Durga then she becomes uncomfortable, she is not able to get comfortable with physical touch. Kahaani 2 Box office collection Durga doesn't even love herself because she has a guilt in her heart, she even blames herself for all the things happened in her childhood. She also doesn't want anyone to like her, nor she wants anybody to get attracted towards her, so anyone comes near her she gets afraid. All those bad memories of her childhood are stuffed inside her. Child Sexual Abuse is a sensitive issue and most of the people don't talk on this issue. We don't want to believe this, but such incident happens daily. Many things are going around us which we don't want to see, nor we want to listen. This disease is spread a lot in our society. If you feel any such things around you or you have a doubt that a child sex abuse is going then have some patience and be brave. Kahaani 2 Movie Review Sometimes Victim feels that it was her mistake because she is asked to keep quite, don't say anything to anyone. We need to change this thinking. We don't have kept it with you, you should share it, you should not be quite. You have to break your silence. Until the time people that it can happen to me, it can happen in my house, and it is happening and the victim has no fault in it until that time will keep this thing quite. Begum Jaan is like The Dirty Picture 2 for Vidya Balan I believe that slowly things will be changed and things are getting changed. If we talk about the girls then Cinema is showing and telling this one that most of the girls are living according to them and those who are not living, they have started feeling that they can live on their terms and condition. We have started understanding our importance. We have our own wishes, problems, dreams, struggle, desire, world, you are also part of. You may also like :- Vidya Balan Upcoming Movies List Bollywood Movies 2017