Deepika nowadays keeps a History book everywhere with her

Deepika Padukone is doing so many preparations for the shooting of her upcoming movie Padmavati these days as if she wants to recreate the whole history with her performance. It is being seen that wherever she is going these days, she is taking history books with her only. According to reports from sources, even during the photo shoot, if she gets a chance she starts reading historical books and take a special interest in these things that she can make notes from them. It is exciting that she herself is so enthusiastic about this character; these are different types of efforts that she is taking. In the last few days, she has also been seen at the airport along with the historical books. Recently, when he was stepping out of the Mumbai airport, the book of History of Rajasthan was found in his hands. It is obvious that her efforts that she is taking because there should be no mistake made in the movie. While the controversy circling the movie. Deepika herself admits that she likes to get complete information about the character before playing any role. She believes in practice, and that is what she is preparing for Padmavati in this way. She is playing the role of Queen Padmavati in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film Padmavati and opposing the love affair of Alauddin Khilji and her character, the people of Karani Sena have made two sets of sabotage and burning of the sets. Although Bhansali has said that there is nothing like this in Padmavati.