Controversy on 'Darling Don't Cheat' Movie, Scenes Picturized on Girls

Please leave me. I am ready to serve to you for the lifetime. The girl is screaming, requesting for help. But this man is not bothered. Will he take her life? The life of the girl is in danger. But how did this happen and why? Let us tell you. This is a group of several friends which does party and fun. But this is not limited to parry only. Yes they all move to the bedroom and then the things that happens is.... It becomes a game. Game of blood.  There is someone who makes the girls do what he wants and the girls are ready to do as he is saying. Actually there are some private scenes that are captured by him and on the girls not following him he turns into animal. This is the story of today's generation who wants to get everything fast. This is the story of " Darling Don't Cheat". The trailer of the film has been released. It has been directed by Rajkumar Hindusthani. But the film has broke all the record of controversies. In the film there is sex, violence and all the negative talks. It is a suspense thriller. In this move Gaurav Pandey,  Ashish Tyagi and Neha Chatterji are in lead role. With the trailer of the movie things like Bandet queen, the weigh of justice and controversial movies are also being discussed.