I have never called Kareena Kapoor but messaged her : Arjun Kapoor

Earlier there were the news that Kareena Kapoor's husband and actor Saif Ali Khan is very angry with Arjun Kapoor because of his habit to call Kareena in mid night. Now Arjun Kapoor has declined the news and said, that this is a very bad childish news I don't know from where it call came. Arjun further said, I don't understand who spread this rubbish news and why?, The news was written is all about our film's scene which had shot in October and now after the trailer release this rubbish is spreading all over. That's why I neglected the news and I can't do anything about the rumors. I believes that something will people said and it looks like when has nothing to write then they writes fictional. In this case I don't have to give explanations. Arjun added, As far as you are concerned I never ever have called Kareena Kapoor, I always just sends messages to her. You think yourself that I want to publish news that Saif Ali Khan is angry with me. In that case what is truth it only know by Saif, Kareena and Arjun but this is clear that Arjun never called Kareena Kapoor. May be Saif is angry because of Arjun's message to Kareena.